Our Approach

“Ondek® is harnessing the special properties of a common gut bacterium to re-balance the immune system and improve the management of allergy.”


Dr Barry Marshall
Nobel Laureate of Medicine and Physiology 2005 and Founder of Ondek®

Our Product

ImmBALANCE® is being developed and patented by Ondek® as a natural ingredient for the development of a range of products for the management of allergic indications. This ingredient harnesses the immune regulatory properties of a common bacterium Helicobacter pylori, that naturally resides in the human gut. These products will be positioned as a family of premium immune-regulators that restore balance to the human immune system.

Latest News

Barry Marshall talks to the media about Ondek’s new treatment for allergy based on the bacterium Helicobacter pylori

November 2016
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Sophisticated investors back Australian Nobel Laureate’s work on gut bacteria to develop new treatment for childhood allergy
Perth, Australia 27 June 2017
Ondek, the Australian biotechnology company founded by Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall, today announced it raised A$3.59 million in equity funding from professional and high-net-worth investors.

*World Allergy Organisation, White Book 2011