Our Approach

“Ondek® is harnessing the unique properties of a common gut bacterium to re-balance the immune system and improve the management of allergy.”


Dr Barry Marshall
Nobel Laureate of Physiology or Medicine 2005 and Founder of Ondek®

Paediatric Allergy

An estimated 10-40% of people in the world suffer from allergic disorders. Following the increasing incidence of allergic asthma over the past 50 years, food allergies have emerged in the last 20 years as a second wave of the allergy epidemic. A high proportion of the increase in allergic diseases is in children.1

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Marshall and Mosley Today Tonight

Gut Health: Michael Mosley and Professor Barry Marshall talk about Ondek’s new allergy treatment, ImmBALANCE®.
Today Tonight, June 2018
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Ondek’s product ImmBALANCE® is being developed to reduce allergy in children 
and potentially 
prevent allergic 
disease in later life.
March 2018
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