Mechanism of Action


Mechanism of Action

ImmBALANCE® contains the unique properties of H. pylori that enables it to promote immune regulation in the host by reducing immune (effector) responses that cause inflammatory diseases such as allergy. ImmBALANCE® acts on the human immune system to bring into balance an over-active immune system by enhancing regulatory immune pathways. The schematic below shows step-wise how ImmBALANCE® works to reduce or prevent allergic diseases

The effector responses of the immune system are responsible for creating an immune response to pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Under normal circumstances, these responses protect us from disease but sometimes responses to harmless substances like allergens cause unwanted effector responses. The regulatory responses maintain balance of the immune system by controlling the effector response. In a non-allergic individual, the effector and regulatory responses are balanced.

In an allergic individual, regulatory responses are unable to balance the effector responses to allergens which become exaggerated.

ImmBALANCE® contains H. pylori’s immune-modulatory molecules that increase regulatory responses and manage excessive effector responses in allergic individuals.

By using ImmBALANCE® we aim to bring the immune system back into balance thus reducing allergic responses.