Our Technology


Our Technology

Ondek® has developed a proprietary Helicobacter pylori Platform Technology (HPPT) to create natural derivatives and genetically modified forms of H. pylori for the delivery of innovative healthcare products.

In the first instance, Ondek® is developing and patenting natural derivatives of H. pylori that are non-viable and retain immune regulatory activity, without the risks normally associated with H. pylori. This technology harnesses the bacterium’s unique immune regulatory properties for the development of products that are easily and safely administered for improved management of allergic, and potentially other chronic inflammatory, diseases.

Ondek® plans to use HPPT to create future products with superior immune regulatory properties for both non-specific and targeted treatments of allergic disease.

Ondek® is building a portfolio of patents around the HPPT and its products to develop a strong intellectual property position in the US, Australia, Europe, China and other markets.

Development of a scalable manufacturing process for H. pylori is being developed at the CSIRO’s Fermentation Facility located in Melbourne, Australia. Photo courtesy of CSIRO.