Product Pipeline


Our Product

ImmBALANCE® is being developed and patented by Ondek® as a natural ingredient for the development of a range of products for the management of allergic indications. This ingredient harnesses the immune regulatory properties of a common bacterium Helicobacter pylori, that naturally resides in the human gut. These products will be positioned as a family of premium immune-regulators that restore balance to the human immune system.

Ondek® will initially develop its proprietary immune regulatory product ImmBALANCE® for allergy indications. The target indication is childhood eczema. Other products will be developed for indications that are also not currently well served by existing treatments, such as food allergies, allergic asthma and potentially other chronic inflammatory diseases.

Ondek’s products will be orally administered and may be formulated as tablets, capsules, liquids or powdered product. It is envisaged that daily doses for specified periods will prove most effective.

The company intends to position ImmBALANCE® as a premium and unique family of products for targeted management of immune-related indications. The products will be safe to use and confer a health benefit that is supported by clinical data.