Product Pipeline

Ondek is developing a product portfolio using its platform technology, HPPT. The Company's first product will be an immune modulator therapy for the treatment of allergic diseases.

The prevalence of asthma and allergy has increased dramatically over the past three decades and has been attributed to changes in our environment. The 'hygiene hypothesis', that states reduced childhood exposure to microorganisms modifies immune responses in the young, was proposed to explain this rise. While H. pylori infections are declining world-wide, asthma and related allergic disorders are becoming more common in the Western world, particularly in children. H. pylori infection has been epidemiologically linked to improved outcomes of diseases such as asthma, allergy and inflammatory bowel disease.

Based on the unique immune modulation properties of Helicobacter pylori, the lead commercial application of HPPT is an immunotherapy to manage allergic diseases. Current allergy treatments may either temporarily suppress the symptoms or lead to adverse side-effects if used long term.

A Growing Market

The target market for allergies is increasing in western countries, and as developing countries become more "westernised" they are following this trend.

In the United States:

In Australia, where childhood allergic disease is among the highest in the world:

HPPT offers a significant point of differentiation in the market of allergy and other chronic immune related diseases. The opportunity for Ondek in this market is to improve the efficacy of immunotherapies, existing drugs, biopharmaceuticals and vaccines by targeted and continuous delivery.

Timeline for Ondek's first Product