HPPT is a unique delivery system using live, natural or genetically modified Helicobacter pylori bacteria, that carry genes for specific therapeutic purposes, including immune modulators, biopharmaceuticals and other drugs, and vaccines.

Foreign genes can be expressed in HPPT so that their presence will trigger an effective immune response in the host. The added genes incorporated into HPPT could also code for pharmaceutical agents such as simple drugs, hormones or biologicals.

Further, Ondek has characterised in humans a set of H. pylori strains that have specific properties useful for therapeutic purposes, such as the treatment of allergy, or the delivery of drugs and vaccines.

Ondek anticipates that the HPPT technology can succeed in treating diseases where other methods have failed because of the advantages it confers as a delivery system.

To date, Ondek has achieved pre-clinical proof of concept in rodent models of immune modulation, and delivery of biologicals and vaccine antigens.

Ondek is building a portfolio of patents around the HPPT and a strong intellectual property position in the US, Australia, Europe and other major markets.

Ondek will partner with leading pharmaceutical companies to use HPPT to deliver a range of proprietary products.